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Allders Opticians

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Who are they?

Allders opticians are a well-established independent chain of practices that originally started in 1905.

The business originally started in Luton and was both an optician and a jeweller. Then in the late 1920’s the jewellery side of the business was sold and Percy Allder concentrated on the opticians side of things.

Allders opticians now consists of 11 branches across the Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire areas and were recently taken on as part of the Rodenstock group a global manufacturer in ophthalmic lenses and frames. This new partnership has allowed Allders Opticians to move with the times, to be modernised and given a new, fresh look which is very appealing to the eye.

What are their Strengths?

  1. Allders have over a century of experience

  2. Support from a global ophthalmic manufacturer, Rodenstock.

  3. They have 11 branches all equipped to the highest levels.

  4. They have an Optometrist and fully Qualified Dispensing Optician in every practice.

  5. Outstanding staff retention rate, as every member of their team feels they have an excellent working environment and enjoys their job.

What are they like to work for?

To really see what working for Allders is like you are best to ask one of their many members of the team who have been employed for years. Each practice of Allders is a traditional independent with a modern look. They are a community-based practice with an excellent reputation and a long standing, loyal customer base.

They are proud to have a relaxed pace rather than a hard sell environment of a typical multiple. They offer that work/ life balance by giving their employees Sundays and bank holidays off, as well as 4pm finishes on Saturday.

Their packages and progression opportunities to their staff are excellent and you will always feel like you really are part of team and in most cases part of a family.

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