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Sheinman Opticians

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Who are they?

Sheinman Opticians are a highly respected practice that have been in the optical industry for since the very start.

This practice is very well-known even in the healthcare industry, most notably for having fantastic customer service within a relaxed environment.

The Sheinman team are very welcoming towards new staff and all share the same expectation regardless of experience, which is to go above and beyond.

Sheinman Opticians is considered to be one of the most stylish companies in optics, both aesthetically and through the way they present themselves to customers. With a very unique look to each of their practices, each member of staff can boast that they work for a new and improving establishment. 

As an optometrist you will have access to state-of-the-art equipment like the Colorimeter which has recently been added to their practice. This machine is one of the most accurate in eye-care sector. 

As well as this they also offer laser eye and health screening tests within the practice which is a sets them apart from most other business in the eye-care industry. One of the newest additions in the practice is the dry-eye clinic, which lets is another area where Sheinman are innovating the industry to help customers.  

Sheinman Opticians have also recently partnered up with Yuniku Eyewear to deliver the first ever 3D printed eyewear in the UK. This gives customers the chance to choose a pair of glasses that is completely unique to them, and gives the staff the opportunity to be a part of an exclusive club in the world of optics. 

This is just one of the many benefits you will receive upon working for this established company. 

You will also receive regular training so that you are able to use this equipment effectively, and to help you carry out your role. 


Still not convinced?


Call in and speak to one of our Inspired Selection Specialist optical consultants to find out more on: 0121 778 6999


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