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ASDA Opticians

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Who are they?

Asda highly value customer care and above all, their aim is to give people the “Best Quality Eye-care”. Through our clinical care, you are certain to meet people with a similar medical background in both the optician and pharmaceutical world.

They offer the Best Optical training out there with guidance from trained professionals, along with an exclusive invite to their annual conference.

Above all, they care about YOU. Asda’s blog is open to all existing staff including new employees, so that you can speak meet people you might never have got to meet.

Because what’s more important?

Remember, patience isn’t a problem. We believe that with Asda’s help, in time they can train you to become the top of your field, whether that be an Optometrist, Optometrist Manager or Dispensing Optician.

“We believe that it is important to keep in touch with our staff which is why we consistently review our current staff.”

Whats Asda’s clinical background like?

Asda are always moving forward in terms of healthcare, with a yearly conference held to discuss ways of innovating eye-care, integrated with the latest glasses trends in clinical optics and pharmacies. they make it clear to other retailers that they are taking healthcare to a new level.

Asda can assure you that with their low price plans and high customer service, they will give a professional edge to all other high retailers in the market. With a company aim to be the best healthcare provider in the community, customers will be keen to keep visiting the store whenever they have any optical needs.

Don’t worry,

Because being an Optometrist at Asda is designed to be as simple as possible, so you can express yourself to new customers. With the Fixed Price Scheme in full swing, it means that customers are able to know what they’re paying for up front. So if you have trouble selling a product, it no longer matters, just let your optical experience do the work.

Asda are known to have a very focused team on hand and even Optometrist managers are expected to work as dispensing opticians so its always a fair playing field in terms of man-management and workload, as we believe it should be!

Asda’s social aspects 

With as much as 100 people working at the same store, there are endless opportunities to make friends with people all the time, and there are always new recruits so dont’ worry about fitting in.

With an annual invite to business events, Asda will do their best to ensure that you are always comfortable as well as the customer, because that’s what creates a healthy business. This is a great chance to network your name in the Optical market and further your career, you will also be surrounded by like-minded people with similar aspirations in the healthcare industry, all courtesy of Asda.

Become your own boss!

Being an optometrist comes with a responsibility but also a personal account with your clients. Each optometrist has there own personnel that they look after, if you are a peoples person than this is the job for you.

How much does an Optometrist earn?

With this job comes an impressive salary. Some with the chance to earn as much as £60,000 a year in the top positions . Asda try to offer the best salaries in the optical market, and if you are qualified for the job there’s no reason you can’t be too.

Join the winning team!

What do benefits do YOU get?

  • Asda’s Share Save plan
  • 10% Discount card across all stores
  • GOC fees paid for
  • Discretionary bonus
  • Full professional development package – time and resource to exceed the CET points requirement
  • Competitive Pension scheme
  • Professional indemnity insurance cover

Where do YOU fit in?

Asda currently have four main roles within the healthcare department, these are; Pharmacist, Optometrist, Optometrist Manger and Locum. That means you have the chance to be a part of a bigger team and be involved in a new and exciting operation that Asda are now running. These are just some of the responsibilities that you will take care of working at Asda;


These job roles are constantly opening throughout the year so we need YOUR contact information available for when it does.

If you think you are qualified to fill any of these roles contact us immediately on our email or phone number listed below.

Still not convinced?

Call in and speak to one of our Inspired Selection Specialist optical consultants to find out more on: 0121 778 6999




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