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Lynne Fernandes Optometrists

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Who are they?

Lynne Fernandes are a family run independent opticians based in Bristol. They have three unique and modern practices, that are highly equipped with all the latest technology and have a very stylish and sleek look.
As well as catering to people’s style and having a great eye for all the latest fashion trends, they also make sure they are able to provide the very best eye care. They do this with their thorough eye examinations (including specialist clinics), latest and modern equipment and expert advice from their experienced and well trained staff.
Because of the lengths and efforts they go to in providing the best care and service, they are regularly nominated and have won Optician awards.

What are their Strengths?

  1. They are an award winning practice
  2. All practices are designed to offer the very best in both eye care and eye wear.
  3. Investment in the latest equipment and products  to offer “innovative eye care” 
  4. Equal balance within their staff to focus on the science of eye care as well as the fashion and style of eye wear.



What are they like to work for?
Lynne Fernandes are an excellent company to work for, moving with the times, having that relaxed family feel at work and being experts in their field, which they are recognised for by winning awards.
Whether you are an Optometrist, a Manager, a Dispensing Optician, an Optical Stylist or another member of the team, you can be assured every day will be different and never a dull one.
They regularly develop and progress their employees and reward them for hard work, passion and attitude… like every company should.
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